Day 2 – Ancenis to Gennes

Set out from Ancenis shortly after 09:00 after a quick trip to Lidl for bottled water and snacks for the day.  One of the sad things is that we spend nights in many nice towns but arriving late afternoon and departing early morning one doesn’t really have much time to explore and Ancenis looked a really nice town to perhaps come back to one day.
Today’s ride was set to be around 60 miles and started with small quiet country lanes. Lou and I rode together ahead of the rest for the first 10 miles or so and stopped at a small town called  Mauges-sur-Loire where we waited for the others.
Shortly after this stop we hit more open roads, still relatively quiet though and the road ran parallel to the Seine for several miles.  Around mile 20 we came to another small town on the banks of the Seine where the intention was to grab some lunch.  Whilst Paul and Roger watched over our bikes the rest of us set off on foot in search of a boulangerie. The first one we came across was closed and after walking for another 15 mins or so to find the second we gave up, walked back to where we had left Paul and Roger and settled for a coffee and soft drinks from a local cafe and ate what we had taken from the breakfast buffet first thing this morning.
We still had 40 miles to ride and the afternoon was spent following the Eurovelo route thot ran for most parts next to the Seine.  With 20 miles to go and with a distinct lack of food inside me I had to resort to taking a gel to boost my energy levels.  Not the most pleasant things to swallow but within 5 minutes I was energised again and the gel certainly helped to get me to the end of today’s ride.
For the last 15 miles we rode in a pace line, each taking a turn to ride at the front whilst the others rode in close formation behind, sheltering from quite a brisk headwind.
We finally arrived at our hotel in Gennes shortly after 17:00 and tonight we had a couple of beers and ordered in a pizza delivery.
A really enjoyable day, great weather, great scenery and above all great company.