Day 36 – Backo Novo Selo to Novi Sad

After 3 long days today was much shorter at just 52 miles.

Departure was slightly delayed as we had to order breakfast this morning and wait for it to be cooked. Nevertheless we were on the road by 08:40 and for the best part of the day we were on good, well paved roads.

There was one section where the trail ended into just a grass track but this didn’t last long and I took an alternative route through a field and rejoined the path a few hundred metres further along.

Lou found us a nice restaurant for lunch and with just 16 miles left to ride we were at the hotel by just after 15:00 although the road into Novi Sad was a little busy.

Tonight we met up with Jana, an old AT&T work colleague and her husband and had a nice meal together at The Flying Dutchman just a few hundred metres from the hotel. We managed to get back to our hotel before it started raining and there was thunder and lightning.