Day 54 – Jurilovca to Constanta

Our last day of cycling on this trip across Europe adventure, just 60 miles left to do and we will be done. It’s hard to believe that 8 weeks ago today we were boarding the ferry from Portsmouth to Saint Malo and now, here we are, within spitting distance of The Black Sea. We have […]

Day 53 – Tulcea to Jurilovca

A nice short day today of just 34 miles that takes us to within touching distance of Constanta and our end goal. We did have a choice today of a short or longer ride of 63 miles.  Being day 10 of an 11 day stint we all agreed the shorter ride would be better as […]

Day 52 – Braila to Tulcea

Another tough day of climbing today and just over 60 miles in the saddle. We left Braila around 08:30 and headed out of town northwards to Galati where we would cross The Danube for the final time by ferry. Lou and I arrived just as the ferry was leaving so grabbed a coffee and waited […]

Day 51 – Harsova to Braila

Today was another tough day, 67 miles, headwinds and quite a few hills to climb. All in all I think we have been unlucky with the winds as they should, in theory, be prevailing westerlies but we seem to have had more than our fair share of winds coming straight at us. Having stayed at […]

Day 50 – Cernavoda to Harsova

After the traumas of yesterday, today was a much better day. With just 34 miles to ride today the distance didn’t seem too concerning, however we knew that to there was going to be a significant amount of climbing involved.  The first climb of the day was out of Cernavoda which got the heart pumping […]

Day 49 – Silistra to Cernavoda

Back to the longer days today with a 60+ mile ride and over 3,000′ of climbing. The day started well with a prompt departure from our hotel in Bulgaria and a swift crossing of the border back to Romania. In fact the Bulgarian border guard was very chatty to us and we even posed for […]

Day 48 – Oltenita to Silistra

And so we move into the final week of cycling across Europe. Just 7 weeks ago today we were leaving Saint Malo and heading south across Brittany to pick up the Eurovelo 6 route that would take us all the way across to The Black Sea.  Since then we have cycled over 2,700 miles and […]

Day 47 – Giurgiu to Oltenita

Hotel Sud in Giurgiu is not a hotel that I would want to return to – probably the worse and most unfriendly hotel on this trip. Old fashioned rooms, unfriendly bar staff who tried to charge us for beers that we did not drink and check-in not honouring the prices we had agreed with […]

Day 46 – Fantanele to Giurgiu

Today was the first of 3 days of riding 50 miles or less and so we afforded ourselves a later 09:00 start this morning.  We did manage a cup of coffee at the hotel before we left and I ate the remains of what I had for dinner last night which wasn’t much.  We planned […]

Day 45 – Bechet to Fantanele

After a few days of not feeling 100% I slept well last night and awoke this morning feeling in good shape once again. Just as well really because today was our final long mileage day of this trip – 77 miles.  It would be good to get this one behind us and knowing that the […]