Ride The West 2019 – Final Thoughts

After nearly 4 weeks on the road it was strange this morning not to have to get up early and prepare for another full day of cycling.  I didn’t get to bed very early last night having spent a couple of hours boxing up my bike and doing the last bit of packing for the […]

San Clemente to Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, CA

Day 27 – San Clemente to Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, CA The last day of tour and always a bittersweet occasion, sad that our journey together is coming to an end but happy to be going home to see my loved ones who I have not seen for nearly a month. Today was going to […]

Ride The West 2019 – Redondo Beach to San Clemente, CA

Day 26 – Redondo Beach to San Clemente Woke this morning to a cloudy sky and it looked like there was the possibility of rain in the air although it never did all day. The road out of Redondo Beach and the out suburbs of Los Angeles was a little torturous but we got there […]

Ride the West 2019 – Day 25 – Ventura to Redondo Beach

Day 25 – Ventura to Redondo Beach After a nice meal with Steph last night and haven written my blog from the poolside, I returned to my room and as I always do, checked my tyres. Just as well I have got into this habit because my front tyre was very soft and upon further […]

Ride the West 2019 – Day 24 – Solvang to Ventura, CA

Day 24 – Solvang to Ventura I was up quite early this morning and had a restless night. At about 01:30 I was awoken by someone trying to get into my room and didn’t sleep a great deal after that. It transpired there was something going on upstairs and I guess whoever it was had […]

2019 – Ride the West – Day 23 – Arroyo Grande to Solvang, CA

Day 23 – Arroyo Grande to Solvang After yesterday’s amble my legs felt especially good this morning and so it was going to be one of those fun days where I throw caution to the wind. We left Arroyo Grande in very misty conditions, mostly sea mist but there was a cold nip in the […]

2019 – Ride the West – Day 21 – Big Sur to San Simeon, CA

Day 21 Big Sur to San Simeon Today was going to be a big day, a reasonably long mileage and over 5,000 of climbing to be completed along the Big Sur coastline. Immediately out of the campground we hit the first climb of the day.  It was not an easy one and with the legs still relatively […]

2019 – Ride the West – Day 20 – Marina to Big Sur, CA

Day 20 – Davenport to Marina This is my third cycling adventure in the US and on each of the other two rides there have been a number of days that stand out as being ‘special’ for a number of reasons. Today’s ride was one of those ‘special’ days and one that I will remember […]

2019 – Ride the West – Day 19 – Davenport to Marina

Day 19 – Davenport to Marina Today was going to be another short day of riding, just 47 miles and when I awoke this morning the sun was shining with not a cloud in the sky. Being a short day we took full advantage with a reasonable lie in and a relatively late breakfast. Although breakfast […]