Final Thoughts

It’s been a month since we dipped our wheels in the Atlantic Ocean and my dream of nearly 20 years finally fulfilled.   I’m now back at work but never a day goes by when I don’t think about the amazing adventure I had and the wonderful people I met and shared my journey with.   The […]

Day 49 – Burlington to Boston

Mileage – 17 miles We all knew that today was going to be a very special day for the riders of Crossroads 2016.  After just under 7 weeks on the road we had reached our final journey together and today we would ride the final 17 miles to Revere Beach, Boston, where we would dip […]

Day 48 – Brattleboro to Burlington

Mileage – 90 miles Today was going to be one of those ‘special’ days for a number of reasons.  Firstly, this was our last full day of tour and with 90 miles to ride and 5,000’+ of climbing it was going to be a tough day. Secondly, we were crossing 2 statelines, New Hampshire and Massachusetts […]

Day 47 – Albany to Brattleboro

Mileage – 74 miles Well, it had to happen at some point but today was not the best day for it to happen – it rained!  For the past seven weeks we have been so fortunate with the weather, storms behind us, tornados in front but we have been riding in a bubble of fine […]

Day 46 – Herkimer to Albany

Mileage – 79 miles With just 3 full days of riding left we are all savouring every minute and today was one of those ‘special’ days that stands out from all the other ‘special’ days that we have experienced.  It was special because it was one of the prettiest rides we have had on tour.  There […]

Day 45 – Syracuse to Hermiker

Mileage – 70 miles Another late start this morning, that is now two in a row, anymore and we could get quite used to sleeping in.  Whilst it is nice, it does kind of throw you out of the normal daily routine and remembering to sign on an hour later catches riders out most mornings!  We […]

Day 44 – Canandaigua to Syracuse

Mileage – 68 miles After yesterdays fast ride, today was definitely a day to take things steady.  With a relatively short day it was time to chill, relax and generally just enjoy the scenery and company. For the first few miles I cycled by myself, through the town of Geneva with its’ really impressive lake […]

Day 43 – Hamburg to Canandaigua

Mileage – 94 miles Another long day today, but the good news is that the boss is back on tour and was at sign on this morning to greet everyone with her amazing enthusiasm and smiling face.  We have all missed not having Tracy around for the past week or so, she created this adventure […]

Day 42 – Erie to Hamburg

Mileage – 79 miles And so into the final week of tour and the home run into Boston.  Todays ride would take us along the shores of Lake Erie and northwards into the state of New York.  Just the mention of New York sends shivers down my spine in that it is located on the east coast which has […]

Day 41 – Rest Day

Rest Day Having cycled over 600 miles in the last 7 days it was great not to have the alarm go off at 05:15 this morning and I enjoyed an extra couple of hours catching up on sleep.  Rest days are designed for catching up on laundry, servicing the bike and generally chilling out and preparing for […]