2018 Ride The East – Final Thoughts

I write this post sat in my hotel room at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Jacksonville, Florida waiting for the 12:00 shuttle to take me to the airport for my flight home to the UK via Atlanta, Georgia. My bags are packed and my bike carefully boxed, it’s very quiet and strange not to be preparing for […]

2018 Ride The East – Brunswick to Jacksonville

Total Mileage – 74.2 miles I guess that there were mixed feelings amongst the riders this morning as this was our final day together on our Ride The East tour with America By Bicycle. We had travelled over 1,700 miles together over the past three and half weeks and now we were about to set off […]

2018 Ride The East – Savannah to Brunswick

Total Mileage – 81.3 miles This was our penultimate day of riding and after a pleasant day off yesterday in Savannah it was good to get back on the road again. We left the hotel at 07:30 this morning and Dan and I agreed to ride together during the day. Dan had unfortunately hurt his […]

2018 Ride The East – Rest Day (Savannah)

I did not wake up until nearly 08:30 this morning and missed two phone calls and a knock on the door from Dan and John wanting me to join them for breakfast at 07:30. I showered and did a general tidy of my room before heading out to explore the township of Savannah. I soon came […]

2018 Ride The East – Walterboro to Savannah

Total mileage – 74.1 miles With just 3 riding days left of this tour, today we were heading the 74 miles to Savannah in Georgia (another State grave for me) and our final rest day. The route seemed pretty straightforward as we would be spending the majority of the day on Rte 17A S although there […]

2018 Ride The East – Santee to Walterboro

Mileage – 67 miles I must have been tired last night because I had to rely upon the alarm to wake me up at 05:30 this morning, very unusual as I’m normally awake and waiting for the alarm to go off.  After two long days in the saddle today was a relatively short one at […]

2018 Ride The East – Georgetown to Santee

Total Mileage – 95.9 miles After yesterday’s tough day, today was going to be no different with the mileage only 1 mile shorter. I decided overnight that I would plan to ride an even pace today, setting a target of 25 miles every 2 hours which in theory would get me to the hotel shortly […]

2018 Ride The East – North Myrtle Beach to Georgetown

Total Mileage – 96.9 miles There was no doubt that today was going to be a very long and tough day. With high temperatures, high humidity and the prospect of a headwind in place it was a day that I was not really looking forward to. The only upside was once again there was very […]

2018 Ride The East – Rest Day (North Myrtle Beach)

Had a great nights sleep last night knowing that I didn’t have to get up and get on my bike this morning. An alarm clock in my room went off at 06:00 but I ignored in and slept in another 30 minutes and then got up to take a photo of sunrise. It was so […]

2018 Ride The East – Whiteville to North Myrtle Beach

Mileage – 56.4 miles Today was the shortest mileage on tour at just over 56 miles but that did not mean that we had extra time in bed this morning. Mike had kindly agreed to provide a bike handling clinic a 07:00 so it was up slightly earlier than normal in order to get breakfast […]