The Journey Begins

My last post written a few days ago referred back to the diary I had written in 1997 when I completed my end to end ride from John Groat’s to Land’s End.   The last sentence in my diary read:-

‘What next? – well there is always the ultimate cycle adventure, USA Coast to Coast and who knows one day that dream may also come true’.

The dream that I had nearly 20 years ago today became a reality as I have just paid my deposit to cycle across America in 2016 with CrossRoads Cycling Adventures.

On the 8th May 2016 I will start my journey with a symbolic wheel dipping in the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles, California.   7 weeks and 3,500 miles later, having climbed 100,000′, crossed over the Continental Divide and passed through 15 State lines I will take part in a 2nd wheel dipping this time in the Atlantic Ocean, Boston, Massachusetts.

I could not have contemplated this challenge without the love and support of my wife and son, nor would it seem right to consider doing it without raising funds for a good cause.   I have therefore chosen Dorothy House and Naomi House as the charities whom I will support.

In 2013, Dorothy House provided care and support for my mother in law Dolly during the final few weeks of her life and I vowed that one day I would do something special to thank them for their kindness.

Although Dolly was elderly and whilst the loss of any family member is always very sad I find it difficult to comprehend how young children and their families ever come to terms with a life limiting condition.   For this reason I would also like to support the work that Naomi House & Jacksplace do to provide love and care to the younger generation.

I am not underestimating the magnitude of this challenge though I am quietly confident.   I am looking forward to the end of June when my wife Sarah and son Ben will fly to America to join me for what I know will be an emotional experience as we roll into Boston and I catch my first glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean.

I hope you will travel on this journey with me over the coming months as I prepare for what I know will be a life changing experience.