USA - Ride The West - 2019

Having cycled across the USA in 2016 and down the eastern coast in 2018, this year I intend to ride the entire length of the west coast. My adventure starts in the far north east peninsula of Washington state at the town of Port Townsend and closely follows the Pacific Coastal highway for approximately 1,700 miles travelling through the states of Washington, Oregon and California before arriving at the town of Chula Vista in southern California and within just a few miles of the Mexican border.

This is a trip that has been on my ‘to do’ list for many years and I know from past holiday experiences this route has some amazing scenery. I am particularily looking forward to riding the Oregon coastal trail, through the Redwoods of northern California and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco before heading into southern California which will be new territory for me.

This year, I am riding with a British company called Bike Adventures who organise biking and adventure holidays all over the world.

I fly to Seattle on the 30th August before being shuttled to Port Townend ready for the start of the ride on Sunday 1st September. Averaging approximately 65 miles per day I am scheduled to arrive in Chula Vista on Friday 27th September.

Similar to my previous cycling adventures I hope to maintain a daily Blog of my travels and will also endeavour to update the Maps and Stats so that you are able to keep track of my progress. It would be great to have you along on the journey once again and although I am not intending to ride for charity, if you enjoy reading my blog, then I’m sure Dorothy House and Naomi House and Jacksplace would appreciate any donation you feel able to give.

People often ask me why I embark on these long distance cycling adventures and I guess there is not a simple answer. Riding from John O’Groats to Lands End in 1997 to celebrate my 40th birthday made me realise that life can pass relatively quickly and that you should always try to find the time to do things that you really want to do. Strangely, I enjoy the physical challenge of training for a new adventure together with the mental preparation that is also required. I enjoy meeting and talking to folk who I come across on the road and cycling with people who have a similar sense of adventure and outlook on life to me. I have seen parts of the world that I would never have seen had I not been on a bike and have shared some really magical moments of breathtaking scenery. I also relish the times when I find myself alone on the open road with the only sound being the wind and the wildlfe – these are the ‘special’ moments which I often use as my ‘thinking and contemplation’ time. I love the overall American cycling experience, the significantly friendlier and quieter roads, the rolling terrain and the general vastness of the country. I am now used to the discipline and daily pattern of a long distance cycling adventure – ‘Ride, Eat, Sleep, Repeat’ and to a certain extent, being in charge of my own destiny and well being.

I guess that I have been fortunate to enjoy good health over the years and have a very supportive family. My wife Sarah and son Ben have encouraged me to ‘Follow my Dreams’ and have always been there to offer kind words of wisdom and support.

I am really looking forward to the challenge ahead and riding in the USA once again.

The Route

Current Location – CHULA VISTA, CA

Distance cycled since Port Townsend – 1,701 miles

Gross elevation gain since Port Townsend – 81,312 ft

Distance Remaining to Chula Vista, CA – 0 miles

The Story

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