2019 Ride the West – Day 3 – Westport to Long Beach, WA

Day 3 – Westport to Long Beach

Today was going to be another long day in the saddle. We awoke to damp conditions caused primarily by the sea mist that had rolled in overnight.  Breakfast at the hotel consisted of coffee and scones although there was additional food available in Dom’s room for anyone who needed extra provisions.

We elected for an earlier start this morning and Steph, Nick, Roy and I rolled out at 08:10.  I soon got left but that didn’t particularly worry me because I do enjoy cycling by myself, it’s what I call my ‘thinking time’.  I soon had a good steady cadence going and was cycling along at just over 14 mph.  The terrain was relatively flat with just the occasional bump and it wasn’t too long before the Pacific Ocean came into view for the first time.

It was a dull and dismal morning with drizzle in the air but it was enjoyable and my legs felt good.  I reached the town of Raymond in just under 3 hours and with almost half of the days ride completed grabbed a coffee and cake at a little roadside cafe.  I was joined by Steve and Jason who are both from Devon and are riding for charity.

We left the cafe together and headed out for the remaining 41 miles of today’s ride.  For a few miles I shared the pace but it was too strong for me and dropped off the back and rode at my own comfortable pace once again.  The terrain became a little more hilly for the second part of the ride but nothing that caused me concern and having met up with Steph, Nick and Roy we cycled to the hotel together arriving at 14:45.

It was an enjoyable ride today and I was pleased with my overall performance. This evening we ate at the Pickled Fish restaurant that was attached to the hotel.