2019 Ride the West – Day 4 – Long Beach to Rockaway Beach, OR

Day 4 – Long Beach to Rockaway Beach

I didn’t sleep well last night, the room was hot, there was no air conditioning and room lacked the usual niceties found in a better class hotel. Nevertheless, the show must go on and today we had over 70 miles to ride.  There was a choice to either have breakfast at the hotel this morning which didn’t start until 08:00 or to shuttle to the local bakery.  Neither option really appealed to me so I decided to ride the 18 miles to Astoria and grab some breakfast there.  Nick and Roy opted to join me and the three of us set of just before 08:00.

The road was relatively good with a wide shoulder on which to ride and we made good progress. Just before we arrived at the bridge that would take us across to Astoria and our second state of tour, Oregon, we cycled through a very dimly lit tunnel with a nasty gutter that was to be avoided at all cost. Having survived this experience the next was to ride the nearly 4 mile bridge to Astoria which had a very narrow shoulder with lots of debris to avoid. It was a slightly scary experience especially when a large logging truck passed us very closely.  We skirted Astoria itself and then found a nice little roadside cafe where we stopped for coffee and breakfast bagels. We were joined by Steph who spotted our bikes as she passed.

We headed out but within a mile or so of the cafe I heard a bang and a rapid deflation of my rear tyre. I shouted to the others who stopped and came back to view the very large screw that had embedded itself in my rear tyre and had gone right through to the rim. Fortunately the rim was not damaged and luckily Dom in the support wagon was passing and stopped with the track pump which sped up the repair.

Today was a day of 4 significant climbs and the first we dispatched before dropping down into the resort of Seaside for a quick refreshment stop. We decided not to linger but to do a few more miles before taking our lunch break. We peaked at the second climb of the day and then descended into Cannon Beach where we found a nice little pub and sat outside drinking coffee and ate a nice chicken salad.

With just 24 miles left to ride we knew we had the remaining 2 climbs to do.  Neither were particularly steep but just long drags but the bonus was we had the Pacific Ocean on our right which provided some amazing views. Peaking the final climb of the day we met Dom and I lingered again just admiring the view of the coastline and the ocean several hundred feet below.

The final 10 miles or so seemed to drag but we eventually arrived at Rockaway Beach and the Silver Sands motel.  It was worth the long ride today because I am writing this blog sat in the glorious evening sunshine just 50m or so from the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean – it is so peaceful and the only sound is the breaking waves on the beach.

Having had a good breakfast and lunch I decided not to eat out tonight but grabbed a few snacks from the local convenience store and enjoy my view sat on my veranda.