2019 Ride the West – Day 2 – Shelton to Westport, WA

Day 2 – Shelton to Westport

The weather was slightly misty this morning when we left the Super 8 motel in Shelton shortly before 09:00 this morning but the sun soon burnt through the mist and the rest of the day was cycled in warm summer sunshine.  Today was a relatively flat day with only one significant climb after about 10 miles.

Similar to yesterday, Steph, Nick and I set off together and we were shortly joined by Jason and Steve.  Jason had a spoke break yesterday and limped to within 14 miles of last nights hotel where he was transported to a local bike shop to have a new spoke fitted. Not wanting to miss any mileage as both were riding for charity they were taken back to where Jason finished yesterday earlier this morning by Dom.  Therefore, When they joined us shortly after we started both had already cycled 14 miles.  We soon dispensed of the only climb of the day and knowing that the rest of the day was basically downhill to the Pacific the pace picked up. I decided to ride my own speed as I have done many times in the past and dropped back however keeping the four others within sight.

We reached the town of Elma and stopped for a coffee and muffin and sat outside the coffee shop for 20 minutes or so.  Heading off with Steph and Nick both soon pulled away and I just set into my normal cycling rhythm.  The miles seemed to go by very quickly and when I checked my Garmin I was surprised to see that I was averaging over 14 mph. The road to Aberdeen where we planned to have lunch was very quiet and pleasant with the exception of the last couple of miles which was on a major road into town.  I met several others at Arby’s in Aberdeen and grabbed a chocolate milkshake and a sandwich.  With just 20 miles left to ride for the day the three of us headed out together.

The road to Westport was a good one and lent itself to Steph and I taking in turns to lead whilst the other sheltered from the gusty wind. Steph is a strong rider and she did longer turns in the front than me which I felt a little guilty about but I was running on low fuel. Nevertheless we completed the ride in fine style and arrived at Glenacres Historic Inn at about 14:45.

Following a shower and a little siesta I headed for the local brewery for a well deserved beer and then Nick and I stopped at the local store on the way back to the hotel for provisions for tomorrow.

Today was a good day for me, I felt a lot stronger than yesterday and was pleased to have averaged over 14 mph for the ride. Tomorrow we head south with the Pacific Ocean our companion for many miles to come.