2019 Ride The West – Orientation Day, Port Townsend, WA

Orientation Day, Port Townsend , WA

Went to bed at about 20:00 last night and woke at 02:00 and then dozed for the rest of the night.  It normally takes me two or three nights to adjust to new time zones and interrupted sleep is just a thing you get to learn to live with.  Despite that, I felt quite OK when I went for breakfast at 07:30 this morning.  It was a basic continental but I was quite hungry and so I made the most of the food that was available.

Steph, Nick and I had agreed to last night that it would be good to go for a ride today just to check our bikes and to stretch our legs so at 08:30 we set off with the aim of cycling around 40 miles or so.  Steph had been to the local bike shop yesterday and had a map of a nice route that would take us out to Fort Flagler historic park, a headland east of Port Townsend.  Shortly after we set off we found a cycle trail and followed it for several miles through nice woodland before hitting the road that would take us on to the headland.  We had a few spots of rain on route but nothing that required is to stop to don our wet weather gear.  At Nordland we came across a little store that served coffee and sat on the veranda for 20 minutes enjoying the sun that had by now decided to break through.  After our rest we cycled the remaining few miles to the headland that overlooked Port Townsend and by now it was quite warm.  After a few photos we retraced our steps back to Port Townsend stopping briefly at a very quaint old cycle shop just out of town.  A total of 43 miles with just under 2,000′ of climbing and a very enjoyable mornings ride.

Back at the hotel we had a quick shower and then into town for a light lunch sat on a veranda overlooking the sea.  Afterwards we went to the local bike shop, PT Cyclery where I managed to purchase some CO2 cartridges. Bob, the owner of the shop was very interested in my Enigma bike so I agreed to return to the hotel and then cycle back to show him. I then spent the best part of 40 minutes chatting with him about bikes in general, a very interesting and knowledgeable person. Back at the hotel we met more new riders before heading to Safeways to get provisions for tomorrow’s first day of riding.

Tonight, we walked to the local brewery where we sampled the local beer before walking back into town for dinner at the Whiskey store.  All the riders are now at the hotel and looking forward to riding together on our west coast adventure.