2019 – Ride the West – Day 13 – Redcrest to Leggett, CA

Day 13 – Redcrest to Leggett

I had a great nights sleep last night, whether it was the beer or the pizza I slept right through the night to about 06:00 this morning.  Breakfast was in the ladies luxury chalet this morning, proper china cups and plates and real cutlery.

Roy and I set off together as usual and continued our ride through the Avenue of Giants for much of the morning. There was a slight mist in the air and in the shelter of the trees the temperature was quite low so I was glad that I had my lightweight jacket with me. I stopped to take many more photos of these marvellous trees. At about mile 18 we stopped for coffee and banana cake in the small town of Miranda. We sat there for a while by which time the sun had broken through the mist and the temperature was soaring.

Setting off again our next destination was Garberville where we planned to take a lunch break at about mile 33.  We continued to ride amongst the trees which sheltered us from the sun and climber the last mile or so to reach the town of Garberville where we found a nice restaurant for lunch. This is a very strange town, some day it’s the weed capital of California and there were some very wacky people around loitering on the streets.

Heading out of town, Roy and I decided to go our separate ways. Roy electing for the Us101 straight to Leggett and myself taking the designated route, which basically ran parallel to the 101  for most the way.  The afternoon sun was very hot in the valley and I made several stops to consume fluids to get me all the way to Leggett.  The final few miles were on the US101 but just short of Leggett we diverted to take in the famous ‘Drive through Tree’ where I found a group of riders waiting for the opportunity to have their photo taken.  I remember meeting up with friends here on our very first trip to e US back in the late 1990’s, nothing had changed at all and the tree itself was still as impressive as it was then.

The final few miles to our accommodation at Stonegate Villas was fairly straightforward and similar to last night we all have small chalets out in the wilds.  Dom kindly shuttled a few miles back up the 101 for food tonight and upon our return the majority of the group sat in the garden for an hour of so chatting about all sorts of things.

Tomorrow we climb Leggett hill before descending to the coast once again and into Fort Bragg.