2019 – Ride the West – Day 10 – Gold Beach to Crescent City, CA

Day 10 Gold Beach to Crescent City

If yesterday was a bad day, today was one of the best days on tour so far.  The forecast was looking reasonable with little or no rain and the winds had lightened from those of yesterday.  As I stepped out of my room and headed for breakfast there were patches of blue sky visible above the sea mist.

We headed out shortly before 08:45 and within a short distance hit the first climb of the day.  It was a long drag over probably a couple of miles and ascended around 750′. My legs felt good this morning and with Dave, Jason and Steve a little way ahead they were my targets. I never quite made it to Jason and Steve and Dave was a little way beyond them but as we crested the top I was pleased with my performance.  I rode gently on waiting for Roy to catch me up and we stopped several times to take photographs of the scenic Oregon coastline.  The sun was now breaking through the mist and everyone appeared to be enjoying the ride.

At about mile 17 Roy incurred a flat in his rear tyre so we stopped at the bottom of another incline to fix it. The culprit was a very small piece of tyre wire that had embedded itself into his tyre, a common occurrence of riding on the shoulders which unfortunately do not get swept very often.  Tyre fixed we headed on and made it to Brookings at about 11:30. With almost half of today’s ride completed we found a nice restaurant and took an early lunch.

Afterwards we headed out of Brookings on the US101 and after about 5 miles bade farewell to Oregon and entered into California.  Despite this being our 3rd and final state of tour we were still well under halfway and it became apparent just how big a state California really is.

After a couple more miles we reached a point where the route split. There was the option to continue on the 101 directly into Crescent City or to take a more scenic route that run close to the 101. Whilst Roy headed direct I took the scenic route and headed into the hills. It was nice to get away from the traffic and although a slightly more rolling route it provided some pleasant views over the countryside. The route crossed the 101 again and then followed a mostly flat route into Crescent City where I arrived shortly after 15:00 at the Oceanfront Lodge.

My room is on the 3rd floor and overlooks the Pacific Ocean which is literally a few feet away. I have the window open and can see and hear the waves breaking on the beach.  The only concern is the Tsunami warnings that are found in the bedroom information folder!

Tonight, several of us ate at the hotel and chatted about what a great day it had been.  I think the weather is now on the change for the better and there is possibility of favourable tailwinds which would be great.  Tomorrow looks a tough day but who cares, as one way or the other we will all get through it together.