2019 – Ride the West – Day 17 – Sausalito to San Francisco, CA

Day 17 – Sausalito to San Francisco

For some reason I did not sleep very well last night, I was tired but kept waking up. Nevertheless, it was going to be an easy day today and an ‘official’ rest day, our first for over a week.  But first we had to cycle the 15 miles from Sausalito to our hotel in San Francisco.

Steph, Nick, Eric and I rolled out at 09:00 and headed through Sausalito towards the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. We wanted to stop in Sausalito for coffee but the thought and inconvenience of each having to pay $3 to park our bikes in the bike park we decided to push on towards the bridge.

It was only a short distance but quite a short sharp climb out of Sausalito to the bridge. We stopped at the visitor park on the north side and took several photos looking at the bridge and to the city of San Francisco.  For me, it brought back many happy memories of the times that Sarah, Ben and I have enjoyed in this wonderful city and I wished that they could have been here with me today to celebrate this milestone in my journey.

We crossed the bridge in small groups taking care to avoid pedestrians and novice cyclists recording their journey across the bridge on their cell phones whilst cycling.  On reaching the south side of the bridge we skirted the visitor centre and rode through a small section of parkland before zig zagging our way back to the Pacific Ocean and Ocean Beach. We arrived at about 11:30, found a little cafe just a few hundred metres from our hotel and ate brunch. I was lucky because when I returned to the hotel shortly after 12:00 my room was ready and I checked in early.

I then decided to head into downtown San Francisco by catching the tram service just a couple of blocks from the hotel. It was about a 40 minute ride and dropped me at the Enbarcadero in downtown San Francisco. From here I decided to walk along the sea front to Pier 39 and then onto Giradelli Square where I could not resist a hot fudge sundae.

Sadly, San Francisco is without its’ famous cable cars for 10 days or so whilst the cable gear undergoes maintenance so I caught the free cable car replacement shuttle bus back to Union Square and then back to Ocean Beach on the tram service from Powell Muni station.

A quick walk along the beach before heading back to the hotel to start my preparations for tomorrow’s ride.  It is hard to believe that we are now well into the second half of this tour and with over 1,000 miles in the legs since leaving Port Townsend over 2 weeks ago. It’s been a great journey so far and the next 10 days will see me visiting areas of California that I have never been to before so I am very much looking forward to this.