2019 – Ride the West – Day 18 – San Francisco to Davenport, CA

Day 18 – San Francisco to Davenport

After a great sunny afternoon in San Francisco yesterday we awoke this morning to damp drizzly conditions which didn’t bode well for today’s ride to Davenport.

Breakfast this morning was at a little cafe attached to another hotel where some of the riders had stayed last night and for once I elected for the healthy option of fresh fruit, yogurt and granola washed down with a nice hot coffee.  By the time that Roy and I headed out the rain had set in and it was a wet and very unpleasant ride through the suburbs of San Francisco along Hwy 35. By the time we got to the small town of Pacifica we were both wet to the skin and feeling the cold so we decided to stop for a coffee to warm us up.  We stayed there for a good 30 minutes and by the time we left the rain had stopped and there was signs that the weather was improving.

After a few miles of ups and downs we came across a tunnel at mile 14.4 that looked quite new, that had been carved through the side of the hill.  It was very well lit and shoulder was coned off for maintenance but we were able to make full use of it and an added bonus was that the road was downhill.  As we exited the sun had broken through and the day was warming up. We were cycling very close to the water, sometimes at sea level but more often a few hundred feet above on the cliff line.

We kept a good lookout throughout the whole day for whales migrating south very didn’t spot any on this occasion. At mile 24.8 we arrived at Half Moon Bay and found a really nice coffee shop for a brunch stop which was already frequented by Dave and Dave. I guess we stopped here for a good 40 minutes or so just chatting before heading out again to cover the remaining 40 miles.

The road continued to climb and then plunge down to the waters edge before climbing again. The hills were not particularly long but you had to work hard to get to the top (or at least I did). I found changing to the small chain ring and a middle rear cog worked well, alternating between spinning and standing on the pedals to propel me up the hill. My legs still felt strong although I definitely felt that yesterday’s short day had a negative impact on my ability to push hard today.

Roy and I rode together for much of the day and in the latter part of the ride the road became less hilly with just the occasional short incline. We stopped about 15 miles short of Davenport at a gas station for refreshments before heading into the very small town of Davenport at around 16:00.  It had seemed a long day, probably due to the unpleasant weather at the start of the ride but the day had improved and all in all it was a good day.

Tonight, Roy, Dave and I ate at the hotel restaurant, I was feeling tired and very hungry so I settled for a very enjoyable steak, my first of this trip.  Tomorrow we have got a short day, breakfast doesn’t start to 08:30 so am looking forward to a little lie in!