2019 – Ride the West – Day 19 – Davenport to Marina

Day 19 –¬†Davenport to Marina

Today was going to be another short day of riding, just 47 miles and when I awoke this morning the sun was shining with not a cloud in the sky. Being a short day we took full advantage with a reasonable lie in and a relatively late breakfast. Although breakfast was supposed to be available at our hotel there was no signs of life at 08:15 so we headed a little way up the road to a restaurant that did pretty much anything you could have wanted for breakfast. I settled for their classic breakfast which consisted of apple spiced sausages, two eggs and potatoes and a couple of cups of coffee.

We headed out from the hotel shortly before 09:30 and I didn’t note what Roy had for his breakfast but whatever it was he was off like a shot leaving me floundering in his tracks. I tried to close the gap but in the end had to wait for Michael to pass me and I drafted behind him and eventually caught Roy just as we were entering the outskirts of Santa Cruz. For the next 5 miles we cycled through the urban areas of Santa Cruz passing some very nice houses along the way. We eventually made our way to the other side and found a pleasant roadside cafe where we stopped for a well earned coffee at about mile 17 and were subsequently joined by Steph, Kate and Iona. With only another 30 miles to do we gently ambled out of the coffee stop and headed for the small town of Marina which is situated 10 miles north of Monterrey.

As we cycled the landscape opened up considerably and we were cycling through some serious agricultural areas with some major irrigation systems in place. The road and the open fields often blended into one and it was not sometimes difficult to see where the road ended and the fields began. In the distance we could see the hills of the Big Sur region which we would be cycling through over the next couple of days and which are said to be some of the most iconic coastline areas of Southern California.

At mile 33.6 we turned right and rejoined the Pacific Coast bike trail (Hwy 1) and the road was very busy with I guess a lot of holiday traffic. Roy and I then stopped at a little place called Moss Landing and with only 9 miles left to find found an excellent restaurant where we had lunch. The final few miles were into a headwind but we arrived at the Motel 6 in Marina at about 15:30.

It had been a good day, the weather had been warm but not too hot and the scenery had been enjoyable and I am looking forward to the next couple of days in this area. After two good meals today I resisted the temptation to eat dinner tonight but stopped off at Denny’s for a hot fudge sundae. The only problem being that they had no hot fudge so I had to make do with chocolate sauce and there were no nuts so Oreo biscuits were substituted – hey ho, that’s life but it still tasted good – diet starts again tomorrow..!