2018 Ride The East – Rest Day (Savannah)

I did not wake up until nearly 08:30 this morning and missed two phone calls and a knock on the door from Dan and John wanting me to join them for breakfast at 07:30. I showered and did a general tidy of my room before heading out to explore the township of Savannah.

I soon came across Dan and John sat outside a restaurant eating breakfast with Jim, Bob and Harry. People were queuing for a table so I decided to forego breakfast this morning. We headed out together as a group and make our way to the local bike shop which had been recommended to us – it was called ‘Perry Rubber’ bike shop and had a small but nice selection of mInly Specialized bikes and accessories. Between the six of us I think only Jim made a purchase of some CO2 cartridges. Jim told me today that when we finish in Jacksonville he is being joined by a friend and they are then cycling a further 350+ miles down to Fort Lauderdale.


Adter the bike shop experience we headed for ‘Leopold’s ice cream parlour which is world famous for its ice creams. I settled for a coffee chocolate chip (3 scoops) which was delicious and just what I needed to set me up until dinner this evening. We then went down to the riverside and sat for nearly an hour just talking about life in general and our experiences of this trip. It was nice just to chill and enjoy one another’s company before we all headed our separate ways in just 2 days time. We headed back to the hotel where I wrote yesterday’s blog and then wandered out to get myself a salad for a late lunch. It was now very humid and I came back slightly damp from the exertion of just walking a few blocks to the local store. Over the past couple of weeks, the high humidity has played an important factor in this ride teaching me how important it is to stay hydrated. At times it is almost impossible to drink enough and I can understand how easily it would be to become seriously dehydrated.


This evening, John, Michael, Harry, Dan, Mark and I ate at the local Irish pub, bagels and mash again for me followed by Baileys cheesecake and washed down with a pint of Guinness. There was a lively discussion on the merits of the American constitution, the pros and cons of making cannabis legal and British politics! An enjoyable evening none the less and with just two riding days left it was just good to be amongst friends who I have gained over the past 3 weeks.