Day 4 – Tours to Beaugency

We made a conscious effort to try to get a slightly earlier start today. For the past few days we had been arriving at our destination hotel late in the afternoon giving little time to complete the daily chores that are needed on a long distance ride.

We managed to rollout from the Ibis hotel in Tours by around 08:45 and although the roads were busy due to the rush hour traffic we made it to the river and turned immediately right.  We were soon out of Tours and heading in to the countryside again and a lot of today’s ride were on dedicated paths next to the River Loire.  We made good progress, often riding in a closely formed pace line and the good news was that the wind we had yesterday had abated making for some pleasant riding conditions.

Just short of today’s halfway distance we came across a little place in the town of Chaumont-sur-Loire and I grabbed a ham and cheese baguette with a can of coke.  We stayed for about 30 minutes and then headed on as the sky was looking a little angry.

Just a short way down the road we felt a few spots of rain and stopped to put on our rain jackets. We need not have bothered because a few moments later we were in bright sunshine again.

The next major town we passed through was Blois where we stopped and finished off the remains of any food we had left.

The final 18 miles or so were quite pleasant riding as we had now picked up a tailwind and made good time reaching our hotel shortly after 16:00.  Dinner tonight was at another nice little restaurant called L’idee where I had a Caesar Salad and a beer.