Day 28 – Vienna to Bratislava

After our rest day yesterday in Vienna today was a shortish 50 mile ride to Bratislava in Slovakia, our 5th country on our trip across Europe.

We decided last night that a slightly shorter route was available so we all agreed to take this option which would reduce today’s ride to around 42 miles.  It didn’t start too well when I managed to lead the group the wrong way out of Vienna but we were soon back on track having crossed the Danube yet again as we exited Vienna.

Today was a relaxed day, short distance, nice weather, flat trails all going well until I took yet another wrong turn and ended getting myself to a dead end and had to back track back to the trail. This put me behind the others so I spent most of the day cycling by myself. The trail was quite boring today, flat and straight, a little like the roads I have cycled in Texas but nevertheless I made good time and caught the group 15 miles or so short of Bratislava.  We cycled the rest of the way together enjoying the scenic sites of Bratislava as we came into the city.

We stopped at the Austria/Slovak border for a photograph although there are no longer hard borders in many parts of Europe so we just pedalled through.

Getting to the hotel was interesting for some as the GPS route took them via the gates of the castle but we all eventually arrived at the hotel safely and well before 14:00.

This evening I met up with some of my old AT&T colleagues.  It was good to hear how their careers and family lives had flourished over the years and we shared some great memories of the times we worked together.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to the Euro as we  move on into Hungary.