3 Months To Go

3 months today – Pacific Ocean, California.

Last Friday I had the privilege of a guided tour of Naomi House & Jacksplace, one of my supported hospice charities. What a wonderful place for children and young people, that provides care and support for good days, difficult days and last days – it makes me even more determined to fulfil my dream.

Training continues to go reasonably well although a few sessions have been out in the garage on the Turbo Trainer as the wind and rain makes it just to horrible to venture out.   I know I will not have the luxury of this choice when crossing America but I really do not see the point in taking the risk of having an accident and breaking something for the sake of a few extra miles.   I am coming up to the 5,000 mile mark since I started cycling again in July 2014 so feel confident that I have the mileage in my legs so better to do some good quality training on the trainer.

Starting to work my way through the list of requirements sent to me by CrossRoads for the tour some of which I have not heard of before and would not have contemplated but with 20 years experience of crossing America I will bow to their experience and make the purchases.   Regular weekly newsflashes also now being received from CrossRoads as we begin the build up to the ride, the latest detailing the arrangements for the first and last hotels on the tour.