1 Month To Go

1 month today – Pacific Ocean, California.

Where has the last month gone?   On a positive note, training continues to go well and even managing to do a couple of good long rides with hills.   Have been back to Hargrove Cycles in Fareham for a follow-up after my bike-fit in February and everything has bedded in well, including my backside on the new saddle.   Must confess it was rather hard and painful to start with but persevered with it and now it is fine.   Slight change to the saddle angle but all of the other changes to the original set-up are working fine so am very comfortable with the overall bike set-up – big thank you to Andy and the staff at Hargroves.

The bike received a full service yesterday and passed with flying colours.   Chain and cassette replaced and gears adjusted along with other bits and pieces of general maintenance.   I also bought some new tyres a week or so ago and fitted them myself – it was hard work as they fitted very snuggly which reminds me, I must continue practising my tube changing routine.

I did another live broadcast on the Julian Clegg Breakfast Show on Tuesday (5th) and it went really well, felt much more relaxed than last time and had quite a long time on air talking with Julian.   The good news is that they have the list of my hotels and are planning to do live link up interview with me whilst I’m crossing the States.   I am sure that will be great fun and I am very appreciative of their support in getting the message across that I am riding for both Dorothy House and Naomi House and Jacksplace.

Continuing to make regular purchases to enable me to tick them off the list received from CrossRoads and their regular newsflashes arrive promptly in my inbox each week.   Very soon now we will start introducing ourselves to fellow riders which will be interesting.  I am aware that there are 5 of us going from the UK including Mack who will be one of the tour leaders and has ridden the route several times.   He’s on the same flight as me some no doubt I can gain some additional words of wisdom from him during the 11 hour flight.

Need to get a 100 mile ride in very soon just to prove to myself that I can do it physically and mentally.   We will be riding several 100+ miles during tour but the first will always be the worse so would rather do one before I go and know that I am capable of riding that sort of distance.

On the sponsorship front, funds continue to come in on a regular basis and I am pleased that so many people have the kindness to support both me and my chosen charities.   I know that every penny raised will be going to two wonderful causes and will also help to keep me focussed during the tough days on the road of which I know there will be several.