Day 10 – Flagstaff to Holbrook

Mileage – 92 miles.

And so into the second week and I am determined to keep my blog up to date on a daily basis.   Things are a little bit more relaxed now and we are all getting into more of a routine that certainly frees up time.   Simple things like packing bags in the evening, laying out clothes for the next day, topping up water bottles and even putting tooth paste on the tooth brush ready for the morning.   It might sound a little daft but getting up at 05:15 every morning the last thing you want to be doing is rushing around trying to organise oneself for the coming day.

After a rest day in Flagstaff today was a reasonably long 92 mile ride to Holbrook.   I was a little apprehensive, my butt was still tender from the rides last week and 92 miles is quite a long way when it’s painful to sit on a saddle for several hours.   However, today could not have gone better.

I left Flagstaff at 07:00 with Jan and Mary ( the bagel lady) and after negotiating our way out of town we hit the I-40 East that would take us to Holbrook.   I felt strong this morning and once on the interstate decided to give it a go.   The road was relatively flat ( a few ups and downs) but the gods were looking down on us today as we had a reasonably strong tail wind.   I soon left Jan and Mary in my wake and head down I quickly settled into a strong rythymn.   With the wind behind I was moving along at speeds in excess of 20 mph and completed the first 25 miles in just over an hour.   The first SAG was at mile 39.7 and I was in and out before anyone else had arrived.

One of the highlights of the day was a detour off of the interstate to visit the small town of Winslow, famous for the song ‘Standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona’.   I had my photo taken and browsed the tourist shops and even had time for a cup of coffee, sat on the pavement.   Kevin T then arrived and we cycled to the next SAG at mile 74.1 together which was at the Jackrabbit Trading Post, located on historic Route 66.   Now just a tourist outpost it was not difficult to imagine the 60’s as folk travelled along Route 66 in their Cadillacs.

Now only 18 miles to Holbrook and a final slog along the interstate before arriving on the outskirts where we found a historic Wigwam Motel.   There was a final 0.5 mile climb to negotiate but we arrived at the hotel shortly after 13:00.   On checking the Garmin I found that I had averaged 19.7 mph over the 92 miles, with actual moving time of 4:44:30 which I was really pleased about.

Shower, swim, and sleep followed by dinner at the local Pizza Hut.  The only downside to a very good day was that upon returning to the hotel I found that I had a slow puncture which needed fixing. Nevertheless, it’s better to replace a tube in the comfort of your hotel room than on a busy interstate highway.   I was lucky today, most riders had flats, a total between us of nearly 30 with one rider getting 4 in quick succession.   Let’s hope I feel strong again tomorrow as we have another long ride.