Day 45 – Syracuse to Hermiker

Mileage – 70 miles

Another late start this morning, that is now two in a row, anymore and we could get quite used to sleeping in.  Whilst it is nice, it does kind of throw you out of the normal daily routine and remembering to sign on an hour later catches riders out most mornings!  We had been warned that the temperatures today would likely to be hot and as we ventured out of our air conditioned hotel the humidity was also very high this morning.

A downhill stretch away from the hotel before a short sharp climb out of Syracuse.  Being a relatively short day again today at just 70 miles, Chris and I decided to break it down into 20 mile rides with a little bit extra tacked on the end.  At mile 24 we entered the town of  Canastota and headed for the local coffee shop where we decided to have a second breakfast consisting of pancakes with strawberry shortcake and cream washed down with a strawberry and banana smoothie.  It was delicious but I am sure it slowed us both down for the next few miles as the contents lay on our stomachs.  Needless to say, we were the last to arrive at the only SAG of the day day at mile 32.8 and didn’t feel like eating too much!  We nevertheless refilled our bottles as the humidity was increasing before setting off again for the remaining 37 miles.

The terrain today was quite comfortable, mainly flat with the occasional small incline thrown in just to keep us in trim for the last few days ahead which will definitely have some climbs for us to conquer.  We stopped again at a Burger King for a strawberry milk shake and a slice of pie before riding the remaining 13.6 miles to the Red Roof Inn at Herkimer.  This was probably the least luxurious hotel on tour but nevertheless was clean and well air conditioned.  At Route Rap tonight Tracy talked about ‘life after tour’ and recommended to us that we try to get something lined up for the first couple of weeks of being back home.  Riders in the past have found it a little difficult to adjust after spending nearly 2 months on the road but having something to focus on helps to make the adjustment back into normal life. For me, I have to contemplate returning to work but I still have nearly 2 weeks of holiday left and am looking forward to seeing Sarah and Ben on Thursday to join the celebrations that are planned.

Dinner tonight was at Applebee’s and just to finish the day, another strawberry milk on the way home!