Prologue 2 – Ploermel to Saint-Nazaire

It had rained overnight and the forecast for today was not looking great.  At breakfast it was still raining, but as we came to load our bikes at 09:15 the rain had stopped and the skies looked a little better.  We turned left out of the hotel and at the top of the hill we stopped and had a discussion about which way our Garmin’s were directing us out of town.  MaryClare trusted what her Garmin was telling her and carried on, whilst the rest of us waited around for MaryClare’s return. We should have known better as after all she had done all the route planning for us and after a little wait MC returned wanting to know why we had not followed her!

Heading out of town we ride for the first 20 miles or so along the same bicycle track we followed into town. It was pleasant not being on the road with traffic and we passed many people on the trail out for their Sunday morning walk.

Turning off the trail we were back onto small country lanes with very little traffic and arrived at a little town called Peaule at 12:30 where we found a little shop selling baguettes and Pizza slices which we are sat outside in the warm sunshine.

Having expected a wet ride today it was a very pleasant surprise to now be riding in warm, if a little humid sunshine and with 30 miles left to ride to get to Saint-Nazaire we set off again just after 13:00.

The road had flattened and we made good progress with a mixture of small country lanes and the occasional busier road where we ride in a pace line.

With just 5 miles left to ride we stopped at a small town which had a viewing tower overlooking the flatlands around Saint-Nazaire.  From the top we could see the large bridge that spans the mouth of the river Loire.

Riding into town we soon found the Holiday Inn Express and after checking in Lou and I sat at the bar and enjoyed a well deserved bier.

Another nice meal tonight at a local restaurant and we joined up with Kris, Paul’s wife who had taken the train from St Malo but who would now be riding with us all the way to Switzerland.

Tomorrow is the official start of the Eurovelo6 route and after a year of planning it is good to be finally here and setting out together.