Day 7 – Rest Day (Charite-sur-Loire)

As the name implies, today is an official rest day, no riding, time to rest the legs and recouperate ready for the next week of riding. As much as you may like to think it is a day of doing absolutely nothing it’s a day of many chores and activities.
I was awake by 07:30 this morning and got up around 08:00.  Breakfast was being served until 10:00 but I like to keep to a general routine and lying in until the last possible minute just doesn’t work for me. There have been tours where I have had to be up at 05:15 so getting up at 08:00 was a luxury anyway.
After breakfast Lou and I walked to the nearest laundrette which was about 15 minutes away where we met MaryClare and Roger who already had a cycle going.  We waited our turn and visited the Intermarche and stocked up on food supplies and other bits and pieces whilst we waited for our cycle to complete.
We did also use the tumble dryer but whilst it worked reasonably well the clothes were not dry so it was back to the hotel to find a suitable place to hang the clothes to dry properly.
I am now spending time catching up on my blog and dealing with email housekeeping. It seems that every hotel we have visited during the past week or so wants a review to be written and if I had the time I would but I just don’t have the time or inclination. Maybe when I’m back home I might write a review of some of the ones we stayed at.
I will also go and check my bike this afternoon, pump the tyres and maybe clean/lube the chain although we did that a couple of days ago following our ride in the rain and muck.
When my clothes are dry I will need to pack my panniers ready for departure tomorrow morning. Packing in itself is always a challenge as it seems that my pannier bags are for ever expanding.  I’m also travelling with a temporary rack bag which works like an overflow but I will lose this at the end of next week when Kris leaves the trip to return home and everything then will need to fit inside my two panniers again.
If I’m lucky this afternoon I might catch a little nap or have a wander around the town before heading out for dinner this evening.
So, rest day is not as restful as it seems but it is good to be off the saddle for 24 hours….!