Day 8 – Charite-sur-Loire to Bourbon-Lancy

And so into the 2nd week of this tour and I think I have just about got the hang of being self-supported.  No longer do my panniers just  explode when I reach my hotel room but the contents of each bag are removed in a very controlled manner.  Similarly, when the panniers are repacked each morning, it’s a bit like doing a jig saw puzzle knowing exactly where each piece of kit fits where in each pannier.  If I do it right, the pannier easily clips shut, if I do it wrong a whole lot of cursing takes place!

Today was a long day, 76 miles in total, so we left our hotel shortly after 09:00. Much of today’s riding was following the canals so apart from the last few miles of the ride, the terrain was extremely flat.

We came across another long canal viaduct and due to the narrow pathway pushed our bikes most of the way across.

Exactly at the halfway point we found a little cafe beside the canal and stopped for lunch. We were fortunate that between us we had enough Euros as the cafe unusually, did not take cards.

In the afternoon we continued along the canal footpath and dykes until the last 10 miles where we encountered rolling terrain.  It was nice to stretch the legs and we finally rolled into the Ibis hotel in Bourbon Lancy at 18:00.

Unfortunately, it being a public holiday in France, very little was open. However we did find a pizza vending machine and ordered 3 pizza’s between the 6 of us and returned to the hotel where Lou and I dined together!