Day 12 – Choisy to Baume-les-Dames

Rollout was a little earlier this morning at 08:30 in an attempt to miss some of the rain showers that were being forecasted for later in the day.  I am now in a routine of setting my alarm for 2 hours before scheduled rollout time.  This gives me 30 mins before breakfast, 30 mins at breakfast and then a further hour to change into my cycle kit for the day, pack my panniers, clear my room and load my bike and finally checkout from the hotel at reception.  Developing a routine was something I learned when riding Cross Country in 2016 and I have continued to use it on all my long distance cycling trips since.

The weather was better than we had anticipated and we soon picked up the canal that we left yesterday afternoon.  Shortly after starting we were stopped by a Gendarme who informed us that there was a runners road race ahead and that we should be careful and avoid one of the bridge underpasses on the canal.

A little further down the trail we got off course and whilst the others turned back and re-routed, I carried on and joined up with them all again a little way down the canal.

Finding a suitable place to stop for lunch was difficult today without going further off of our planned course so we made do with what we had taken with us from breakfast at the side of the canal.

The scenery today had changed considerably, the flat lowlands on either side of the canal had been replaced with some high hills and the canal meandered it’s way in between with small villages often seen on the hillside.

We stopped for coffee at a small cafe beside the canal and sat there in the warm sunshine for 30 minutes or so.

Heading out again, the wind had increased to quite a strong headwind and the sky’s had darkened and the rain previously forecasted hit us about 12 miles from our hotel.  We sheltered for around 20 minutes and then decided to head on and shortly after the skies brightened and the rain stopped.

We came across a tree that had fallen across the cycle path so had to man handle our fully loaded bikes over it

We finished today’s ride in the warm sunshine again, although once again, our hotel was at the top of a very steep incline.

Tonight we walked into town and had dinner at an Italian restaurant called L’Angelo.

Tomorrow we have a short ride of just 38 miles so looking forward to a later breakfast and a 10:00 departure.