Day 14 – Montbeliard to Basel

We left the Ibis hotel in the centre of Montbeliard shortly after 08:45 and retraced our route into the city before picking up the Canal du Rhone au Rhin  that would lead us all the way into Switzerland.

Being a Sunday there were a lot of bicycle and pedestrian traffic on the pathway so we took extra care this morning, often slowing right down to pass people out for their Sunday morning exercise.

For the past few days we had been watching the kilometres marked on the pathway count down and as we reached the 0 marker we crossed a small bridge to had a Swiss flag sign and an arrow.  Initially we thought this was the French/Swiss border but soon realised it was not.  We took a team photo just on case and I met a 4 month old Alsation puppy that was put for his first walk – he was very timid but adorable and reminded me of Finlay when he was just a few months old.

We came off the trail at Mulhouse which was today’s halfway point and eventually found the railway station where we stopped for lunch.

The afternoon continued along the canal, the pathway meandering beside the canal for the best part of 25 miles.  As we approached the border, the pathway traffic got heavy again and about 5 miles from our hotel  we stopped and bade farewell to Paul and Kris who would be staying an extra night in France.  Kris had cycled all the way from Saint-Nazaire on a electric bike that they had rented and had to leave the bile for collection at the hotel in France.  The bike had performed exceptionally well, often travelling over 70 miles on a single charge with miles to spare.  A lot of this was due to the hard work Kris had put in, using only the eco setting on the bike for most of the way.  It was noticeable though as we got towards the end of a days ride if Kris had power left on the battery she would up the setting a little and we would pace line behind her to the hotel.  Kris would be flying home in the next couple of days time and it has been great to have had her cycling with us across France.

Shortly after leaving us, MaryClare, Roger, Lou and I crossed The Rhine River into Switzerland, passing through a now defunct border control and reached out hotel on the banks of The Rhine.

Tomorrow is a rest day so I did all of my washing this evening and will spend the day seeing the sights that Basel has to offer.

Reaching Basel concludes week 2 of our Eurovelo trip to Constanta.  We have cycled over 900 miles and although I am feeling a little tired tonight I am nevertheless feeling in good shape.

Week 3 will take us into Germany and I am looking forward to travelling down The Rhine River and also meeting up with an old AT&T work colleague who I have not seen for getting on for 10 years.