Day 15 – Rest Day (Basel)

After a week on the road it was nice to have a bit of a lie in this morning although I still made breakfast by 08:30.  I made the decision last night to do a full hand wash of all my clothes rather than spend time this morning visiting a laundrette.  It worked pretty well although my room currently looks like a Chinese laundry with things hung everywhere to air.
I took a nice walk this morning through the streets of Basel, finding the cathedral and the older parts of the city.  Unfortunately, Basel is currently looking more like a building site with cranes and road construction everywhere which makes it all a little disappointing really. It will be nice when it is all finished but the fast flowing River Rhine that dissects the city is still a great feature and I spent time watching the small ferries that cross cross the river carrying their passengers.  There were also a couple of river boats docked further downstream and there were quite a few English speaking people in the city.

When I got back I tooky bike outside and gave it a clean and lubed the chain. It was particularly dirty but it’s always nice to start a new week on a clean and well oiled bike.
This afternoon I will probably take another walk although the forecast is for rain so we will see.  A nice ice cream probably wouldn’t go amiss although people currently complain about the prices in the UK, come to Switzerland and some of prices you see will make your eyes water.
Looking forward to week 3 of our trip and we head into Germany and Austria.