Day 16 – Basel to Neuhausen

After a nice rest day in Basel yesterday it was back on the road today.  Whilst rest days are nice to have, they do throw you out of your daily routine and for me, it does take a couple of days to get back into the groove again.
Cycling out of Basel this morning was not pleasant. For a start it was raining and trying to find your way using your Garmin GPS is not easy at the best of times and in a large city with rush hour traffic it was not good.  There were a lot of local cyclist all of whom knew where they were going and made no allowance for us who were trying to find our route out of town.  Eventually we found the trail next to the Rhine and once we were back on course, things became a little more relaxed.
Today was a long day of 80 miles with quite a lot of climbing.  Cycling in the rain is not good at the best of times but when the route takes you along trails through forests you know you are going to get dirty and your bike is going to need a good clean at the end of the ride.
We all agreed that getting to 40 miles would be a good place to stop for lunch and it just so happened that we came across a Kebab restaurant in the town of Koblenz, CH where we stopped for a well earned bite to eat.  By this time the rain had stopped and did so for the remainder of the day which was a great relief.
The afternoon ride was full of ups and downs or rolling terrain with some steep climbs in places. We finally rolled into Neuhausen quite late in the day after stopping to see the Rhein Falls.
Sadly, our hotel did not have a hosepipe to wash our very dirty bikes but they did provide buckets and cloths the following morning.
Tonight, I had my first ever Thsi meal which was most enjoyable, washed down with a couple of bottles of Thai Titanic ale and will sleep well tonight.