Day 17 – Neuhausen to Tuttlingen

For some reason I did not seem to have a great deal of energy this morning and spent most of the first half of today’s ride a few hundred metres behind the rest of the group. It didn’t worry me too much because I use this time as ‘thinking time’s and I am contemplating writing a short book about my cycling journeys over the years so ideas were mulling around my head this morning.

Today was another relatively shorter ride but we all knew that there was a long climb at the end of the day to take us to Tuttlingen.  I had read about this climb in some of the literature I had reviewed before this tour and knew it was going to be a beast.

The morning was spent on the shores of the River Rhine and we stopped several times to take photo’s.
One stop was particularly memorable as we hit the 1,000 mile mark since we left Saint Malo on the 29th April.  We all stood in a line and tried to make the numbers in the air whilst a local passer by took our picture.
(Photo to be added here)
Again, around halfway we found a supermarket and stopped for lunch.  At some point during the morning we had crossed the border between Switzerland and Germany but none of us realised exactly where the border was. We only knew because we were once again using the Euro for currency.  I had a bacon and egg sandwich for lunch, washed down with some chocolate milk which worked wonders and I was able to stay with the group until the final long climb of the day.

We hit the climb early afternoon, some 2,000′ of climbing over 10 miles. I hit the granny gear and plodded away at my own pace.  There were several particularly savage ramps to the climb but I eventually made it to the summit where the others were waiting.  There were a few extra bumps in the final run in to Tuttlingen but it was generally downhill all the way.
It has been a long day, lots of climbing but at least it has not rained.  Tonight we had a super meal at the local Irish Pub with a few pints of good old Guinness.  I might regret it in the morning but today has been a good day.