Day 18 – Tuttlingen to Riedlingen

Today was a good day with some spectacular scenery during the first half of the ride.  We rolled out of the hotel as the town clock struck 09:00 and stopped immediately across the road for our first team picture next to the River Danube which we will now follow all the way to the Black Sea.
During our meal last night there was talk about cycling all the way to the official source of The Danube but this was soon squashed when we discovered it was 20 miles away in the opposite direction and would therefore entail a 40 mile round trip before we even started today’s ride.
For once, the sun was shining although it was quite chilly in the blustery north easterly breeze which would blow in our faces for most of the day.  After a few miles we found ourselves cycling in the Danube river valley with open fields and meadows and high sided mountains either side of the river.  On the top of the mountains in several places, churches or small chapels perched precariously on the edge of a sheer drop.  We stopped countless times to take photographs and it was just nice to be cycling in such peaceful surrounds.  It was however a public holiday in Germany today (Ascension Day and Father’s Day which fall on the same day each year) so the trail was quite busy with walkers and riders on e-biles.

At one point we stopped for a photo and Lou, who was riding just on front of me, pulled out his camera and unfortunately also pulled out his wallet at the same time.  A few hundred yards down the road he discovered his wallet was missing so we all back-tracked to where he had stopped. Fortunately when I took my photo Lou was also in the shot so we could locate quite precisely where his wallet should be. An initial search found nothing so Lou went back to the previous stopping point a little further back up the trail. After further searching MaryClare located the wallet in the undergrowth.  We called Lou who was very relieved that it had been found.  He now has it stored somewhere different to his phone to prevent a reoccurrence!

We found a nice little restaurant for lunch around the halfway point of our 56 mile day and spent a good hour there drinking coffee and waiting for our food.  By the time we left, the sun had disappeared behind the clouds and it had turned cold.
The final 10 miles into Riedlingen were tough with the strong wind now in our faces.  I rode a few bike lengths behind as I was feeling tired and struggled to hold the pace line, but we all eventually arrived at the hotel shortly after 17:00.  A long day for a relatively short 56 mile ride but a great day for scenery and general enjoyment.
We had a nice meal tonight at the restaurant next door to the hotel where a young German girl on the table next to us kindly helped us with the German menu.