Day 19 – Riedlingen to Elchingen

Rollout this morning was again at 09:00 and although no rain was forecast for the day we still had the cold and blustery NE wind to contend with.  Another relatively short day of just over 50 miles with an overall decent continuing to follow the Danube as it flows through Germany.

All was going remarkably smoothly for the first 10 miles or so and then we hit ‘The Wall’, a extremely steep but relatively short incline that almost touched 20%. In places.  With our bikes laden with luggage despite a gallant effort one by one we succumbed to stopping and getting off and walking.  Sadly Mary Clare ground to a halt and was unable to unclip quickly enough and ended up sprawled at the side of the road and was fortunate enough not to injure herself. I did manage to cycle to the top although I had to rest a couple of times on the hill to allow my heart to recover!

We again stopped at the halfway point in the town of Ehingen, a place I know very well from my days at AT&T and sat outside for lunch. Unfortunately Lou and my meals seemed to take a long time to come and when they did arrive the others were ready to leave so left us to ride to the hotel together.

Lou and I made good time after lunch, each taking our turn to lead whilst the other sheltered behind from the headwind.  We stopped at Ulm and found an observation tower/platform next to Danube and climbed to the top to get a good view over the city.


We eventually arrived at our hotel shortly after 16:00.

Before dinner I took the opportunity to give my bike a well deserved clean, it’s far from perfect but 100% better than what it was.  We ate dinner in the hotel restaurant tonight and tomorrow we have another short ride of 48 miles to Donauworth where my old AT&T colleague, Hans Wetzstein and his wife Claudia are kindly cóoking dinner for us.  It will be good to see Hans again as I don’t think we have seen each other since around 2015.