Day 26 – Aggsbach to Vienna

It’s hard to believe that 4 weeks ago this evening I said goodbye to Sarah and we set sail for France on the overnight Brittany ferry from Portsmouth to Saint Malo to begin our cycling adventure across Europe.  Now I am sat in my hotel room in Vienna having spent the last 11 days cycling from Basel in Switzerland. Today we passed the halfway point, and since leaving we have covered a total of 1,580 miles.  I am feeling tired this evening but looking forward to a well earned rest day tomorrow.

We left Aggsbach a little later this morning, just after 09:00. We stayed last night in what was more like a B&B than a hotel and our hosts, Gabriella and George, were a charming and interesting couple who had renovated their house and made a truly stunning place to stay. They even kindly did some laundry for us although I think they may have slightly underestimated what laundry we needed doing!

The first 30km of the ride was through small charming villages sat on the banks of The Danube.  The river was particularly busy this morning with the long and impressive river boats that cruise this stretch of The Danube between Passau and Vienna.

We passed many cyclist today, many of whom were on rented cycles as part of their cruise itinerary and we took care when passing as it seemed like many had not been on a bicycle for many years!

For the first 35 miles or so I cycled by myself, enjoying the peace and tranquillity that this area had to offer. Paul caught me as we crossed one of the big dams that stretch across The Danube and shortly afterwards we came across a little cafe where we stopped and had lunch, the others joining us shortly after we got there.

A few miles into the afternoon ride we stopped at what was for us, the halfway point of our adventure, 1,550 miles completed and we took a team photo next to the river to formally mark the occasion.  All downhill from here they say but I have a suspicion that the second half of the ride will be a little more challenging than the first but we will see.

The ride into Vienna was challenging, lots of people and cyclist all it seemed, knew exactly where they were heading. The roads were busy but there were lots of cycle lanes which made the riding a little more user friendly.  We eventually found our hotel, approx a 20 minute walk from the centre of Vienna.

Tonight, I did some more washing and elected not to go out for dinner with the rest as I am feeling tired and need an early night so that I can enjoy the site’s of Vienna tomorrow.

So we are now over halfway, it’s been great so far and I’m very much looking forward to the second half of this adventure.