Day 25 – Linz to Aggsbach

Today was another great day of cycling and scenery. The weather was warm and the trail was tarmac’d all of the 70 miles we cycled which made it really pleasant and easy going.

We left our hotel in Linz around 08:45 by the time we had all checked out and a few of us had used the hose facility in the garage to wash our bikes.  I had done mine yesterday evening and although not perfect it is the cleanest it has been for several days.

We picked up the trail we left yesterday evening coming into town and would, once again follow the Danube for most of the day.

We found a bike store along the route and stopped so that Paul could get his bike looked at. It had been clicking for the past few days and although not fully diagnosed the mechanic sprayed a few parts and it seemed to do the trick.  8 guess we were stopped for the best part of 40 minutes so we headed on as we still had over 50 miles left to do.

At Grein we stopped for lunch and I had my first strawberry milkshake of the trip.

For the first few miles after lunch the trail was on a busy road with only a small shoulder for cyclist. It was probably the most unpleasant cycling we have done so far on this trip and I was glad when the trail reappeared and we could all relax again and enjoy the scenery.

We stopped a few more times on our way to Aggsbach before arriving around 16:30.  Tonight’s hotel is amazing with a really pleasant hosts who even offered to do our laundry for us.  This is good because it is one less thing we have to do on our rest day in Vienna.

Tonight we ate at a local cafe/restaurant, not the best of meals but there was very little choice so it was either eat or starve!