Day 24 – Passau to Linz

Today was a good day in pretty much all respects.  Flat roads, warm temperatures, great scenery, good food and pleasant company.

We left Passau at 08:30 and within a mile we were cycling beside The Danube which would be our companion all day.  Passau is a pleasant town where all the Danube river cruises start and finish and it would have been nice to spend another day here exploring but that will have to wait for another time.

Shortly after leaving a cyclist came alongside me and asked if I spoke English. It subsequently transpired that he was from Fife in Scotland and used to teach at a school in the same town as Bruce Davies lives. (Bruce is a very good folk singer and became friends with mum and dad over the years).

At around mile 15 we crossed over into Austria, the 4th country on our European adventure. Very few of the back road borders in Europe are marked now so it was only a small stone at the roadside and a new trail sign that gave us any indication that we had indeed left Germany.

For the next 30 miles or so we ambled along the banks of The Danube taking in the scenery as the river meandered its’ way in between the mountains either side.  It was warm and peaceful although there were quite a few cyclist on the trail. We came across two Irish guys who were brothers with electric bikes that they had hired and we stopped and chatted with them for a while, exchanging details about our respective trips.

At Aschach an Der Donau we stopped for lunch and whilst the others had salads I indulged myself for a very large Coupe Danmark, it was gorgeous and saw me good for the rest of the ride.

An unexpected surprise occurred at Ottensheim when we had to catch a small ferry to take us across the river before we cycled the final 5 miles into Linz and our hotel for the night.

We have now been cycling for 9 continuous days since leaving Basel and I am begining to feel a little tired. However, in 2 days time we have a rest day in Vienna which I am really looking forward to and which will mark The halfway point of our journey across Europe.