Day 30 – Gyor to Esztergom

Having gone to bed early last night and slept really well I was ready for breakfast by 06:30 this morning.  My now well established ‘get up’ routine is based upon our planned departure time so if departure is 08:30 then I am out of bed by 06:30. This then gives me 30 mins before breakfast, 30 mins at breakfast and then a full hour to pack my kit, checkout, load my bike and be ready to roll by 08:30.  It works pretty well and I am usually ahead of the time plan which provides a small buffer in case of any last minute hitches.

We had a scheduled 60 mile ride today that would start in Hungary, cross The Danube and back into Slovakia before crossing again at the very end of the ride back into Hungary.

It was a pretty mundane ride today as rides go with very little views of The Danube. We did have several miles of immaculate EV6 trail in Hungary, followed by good and sometimes not so good trails in Slovakia.

At one point the trail stopped completely and we had to push our bikes around what appeared to be a dried up stream before getting back on again on the other side. Somewhere around this point Lou managed to break a spoke in his rear wheel and we rode the last 20 miles on the main road in order to try to protect his wheel as much as possible.

The afternoon also saw storm clouds forming and we heard a few claps of thunder but despite a few spots of rain we managed to get to our hotel in Esztergom in good time for Lou to get his wheel repaired at a local bike shop.

Tomorrow we ride into Budapest and another rest day before we start some serious back to back riding of 80+ days.  The last 3 weeks of our ride look, to me, to be the toughest. Long days and uncertain road/trail conditions as we pass through Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. I am however feeling in great shape, the bike is performing well, and my only real concern is the potential heat but I am sure it will be fine.