Day 31 – Esztergom to Budapest

We left at the usual time this morning, picked up the Eurovelo trail and headed the 8 miles to the first ferry crossing of the day that would take us across The Danube.  We arrived shortly after 09:00 and waited along with several other cyclist that arrived expecting to catch the ferry to the other side. After an hour of waiting contact was made with the ferry operator who informed us that the service no longer operates!

Whilst waiting we got talking to another couple of cyclist who came from the same place in Germany that Hans and Claudia live and actually know them well – what a small world we live in.

We cycled onto the next possible ferry crossing and whilst the rest of the group went on, Lou and I decided to wait for the next crossing and found a small cafe where we indulged in coffee and cake.

We chatted with Annette and Frank (Hans’ friends) who were doing their first multi day trip from Vienna to Budapest.  At 11:45 we got the ferry and then cycled the 10 miles to Vac where we timed our ride to perfection to catch the ferry going back across The Danube.


From there is was around 25 miles or so to our hotel in Budapest, some of the route was on the highway but a lot was on a bumpy trail next to The Danube. With around 10 miles to go we refreshed ourselves with ice cream before taking the rather unpleasant ride into Budapest. We eventually cross The Danube for the final time and then cycled on the main highway with the city traffic to our hotel.

I was glad to arrive safely as Hungarian drivers are not the most sympathetic towards cyclist and don’t give much room when passing.

Tomorrow is rest day, a short stretch since Vienna but we are now in for a long haul of 11 and 10 days respectively before we arrive in Constanta.  It’s heating up and for the next 3 days we will average around 75 miles/day.  We have been on the road for 1 month, travelled 1,800 miles and climbed 35,000′.  It’s all going well, we are having a lot of fun but it’s going to get tougher now I am sure of that.