Day 32 – Rest Day (Budapest)

Rest day today and it was nice to have a bit of a lie in but I was still down for breakfast before 08:00.  I did all my washing last night so I had a completely free day today to wander around Budapest.

Set off just after 10:00 and walked the main drag back to the bridge we came over yesterday afternoon.  It took about 35 minutes and even early morning it was getting really warm.

When I reached the river I headed towards the impressive Parliament building we had seen coming into the city and wandered around taking some photo’s and sitting on a bench enjoying the sunshine.

With only a day in the city it is difficult to see everything so I just tend to get an overall feel for the place and hopefully I will get the opportunity to return one day for a longer stay and more time to explore.

On the way back I went to see the statue of ‘Columbo’, the 1970’s TV detective whose parents were reportable from Hungary although I don’t think this was ever officially proven.

Stopped for a quick coffee and then back to hotel via Lidl for a few bits and pieces. Did some maintenance on my bike in the afternoon followed by a quick nap. Nice meal tonight in a restaurant 15 minutes walk from the hotel.

Tomorrow we have a long day as we head into our last 3 weeks of this adventure.  We have elected for a 07:30 start so my alarm will be set for 05:30! One more day in Hungary and then we move into Serbia for 5 nights. There is a little concern about the current unrest in the country but I am sure it is going to be fine.