Day 33 – Budapest to Kalocsa

After our rest day yesterday it was back on the trail this morning with a planned 07:30 leave from the hotel. We didn’t quite make 07:30 but by 07:45 we were heading through the rush hour traffic of Budapest heading back towards the banks of The Danube.  Exiting Budapest was a lot easier than coming in as there were bike lanes segregation the traffic from the cyclist which helped a lot.

Today was close to a 90 mile day and it was hot. Until lunch the roads were awful, anything between paved trails to ruts in fields. It was slow going, my whole body ached with the constant bumping from the potholes and if somebody had offered me a ride out of here this morning I would had seriously considered it – it was hell.

Lou and I stopped for lunch at a restaurant and we both had a hamburger and drink. We needed both food and rest after our morning efforts.  Hitting the trail after lunch we were both pleasantly surprised, the trail was smooth, the roads well finished and  we zipped along quite swiftly and even made time to stop for an ice cream with just 15 miles to go.  We dodged a storm, just a few spots of rain and made it to the hotel by 17:00.

I checked in, paid for the night, got shown to my room and unloaded my bike only to then find out we were actually at the wrong hotel..! A quick refund and directions to the hotel we had actually booked and we were there by 17:45.

In summary, a day of two halves. I didn’t take any photos today as much of the day was spent looking out for the potholes in the road rather than enjoying the scenery around me. I will try to do better tomorrow as we leave Hungary and move on into Serbia.