Day 34 – Kalocsa to Sombor

It’s hard to believe that we have now been riding for 5 weeks, completed nearly 2,000 miles, travelled through France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and today we enter Serbia.

Today was another long day and having a late breakfast at the hotel was not the ideal start to a 90 mile ride.

We eventually got away by 08:45 and decided that after the poor roads of yesterday we would take the main highway as far as Baja and then we would pick up the Eurovelo route.  Compared to yesterday, the roads today were excellent with much of the ride on dedicated trails which was a pleasant surprise. That coupled with a good tailwind we made good progress. The only downside was that we were unable to find anywhere to eat for lunch.

Late in the afternoon we crossed the manned border from Hungary into Serbia. The crossing point was very quiet and the guards pleasant. The Serbian official ended his conversation with me with ‘have a nice day’.

The roads in Serbia were excellent, we stopped for a quick drink and snack at the first town we came across and then cycled the final 18 miles to Sombor in a good pace line with the continuing tail wind. Our average speed for the day was in excessive of 13.5 mph which is the fastest we have achieved so far.

The hotel in Sombor is very nice with a pool and spa which Paul Lou and I made use of before our normal pre-dinner beer on the sun deck. Dinner tonight was at the hotels restaurant just a short walk from the hotel.

Tomorrow is another longish day of 74 miles but then it is back to the normal 50-60 mile range and even a couple of real shorties thrown in which will be nice.