Day 38 – Belgrave to Kovin

Today would end up being the shortest ride of the trip, not intended but just the way things worked out during the day.

After getting into Belgrade yesterday I don’t think any of us were looking forward to exiting the city again this morning. We eventually found the bridge we wanted to take us once again over The Danube and luckily there was a pedestrian walkway which we used rather than riding on the main carriageway. But this was quite narrow with an uneven surface and required a good deal of concentration but we all made it safely to the other side.

We then got chased by a dog who was very persistent but eventually got fed up of chasing us. We rode a short way and then saw the Eurovelo signpost that pointed us over a small makeshift bridge and into a field.

We rode a small tractor wheel size path for several miles before eventually reaching a road.

At this point we all decided that we had had enough of riding in fields so elected to take the road for the rest of the day.  We knew the further east we went the Eurovelo route would become more unpredictable but whilst it would have been nice to follow it exactly, getting safely to our end goal of The Black Sea now became our main priority. We agreed that we would follow the route where it was safe to do so but riding in fields and bad gravel roads is not ideal.

We stopped for lunch at a little cafe and had a good chat with locals who were interested in our trip.  Heading out afterwards we were only just over 10 miles from Kovin and would end the day with just 35 miles on the Garmin.

Tomorrow, we leave Serbia which we have found to be very friendly and excellent food but the roads have been really bad in places and their drivers a little too inpatient when confronting cyclists. Let’s hope that Bulgaria and Romania have better road surfaces but I’m not setting my expectations too high