Day 39 – Kovin to Moldova Veche

Today we leave Serbia and cross the border into Romania. We reviewed the route last night and decided we would shorten it by around 16 miles by staying on the roads although by doingwe would add a significant climb at the end of the day.

We were on the road by 09:15 and within a mile we were on the Levi following a track. After about 2 miles we dropped down to a road that was running parallel to the Levi and it was nice and smooth. Eventually however it brought us back and for several miles we rode on the Levi again beside The Danube.  We could see the hills of Romania in the distance.

We tried to find somewhere to eat for lunch but ended up at a little market shop where we grabbed some bread and cheese and extra fluids.

Shortly after lunch we got our first of two climbs of the day, nothing too serious just a 5% incline over a couple of kilometers. This was followed by a downhill stretch to the Serbia/Romania border crossing. We were waved through the Serbia part but then got stopped and questioned going into Romania. Fortunately, the young Romanian border guard liked the English, she loved Prince William and Kate and had watched the coronation which was shown live on Romanian TV. She also had a brother who worked as a painter/decorator in London.

We stopped for a quick photo at the border before proceeding and shortly afterwards hit the second and slightly more serious hill. However, it wasn’t too bad and by taking the hilly route we effectively saved ourselves 16 miles.  It was then a downhill run all the way to Moldova Veche where we stayed at the hotel Casa Luca.

Our host was very accommodating and cooked us fish soup and catfish with vegetables for supper, washed down with 3 bottles of beer.

I crashed out in my room before I had even written my blog for the day!