Day 40 – Moldova Veche to Orsova

Today was a really good day both in terms of cycling and scenery although it got off to a bit of a shaky start.

Last night, Lou and I shared an apartment, two separate rooms and a bathroom. We agreed bathroom times and I was scheduled the early slot. I awoke early and decided to write by blog from yesterday thinking it was around 06:00. At 06:15 I heard Lou, checked my Fitbit which said 06:15 and then checked my watch which I had manually moved forward an hour when we entered Romania and it said 07:15. My Fitbit was still an hour behind – panic! I made breakfast by 07:45 just as Lou was about to come and check I was still alive. Not the best start to the day.

We had 65 miles to ride today and it was through some spectacular scenery riding next to The Danube all day. We got chased by dogs a couple of times but I managed to out run them although probably not the best thing to do! After a few miles I found myself ahead of the others, my legs felt good so I decided that I would get the miles done asap. There were 2 climbs right at the end of the ride, nothing serious and I rolled into Orsova shortly after 14:30.

Tonight we are effectively staying in a private house which is really nice and tomorrow we only have 40 miles to ride. It is currently raining and there is thunder and lightning going around.  We also had a nice meal this evening sat in a restaurant on the riverside.