Day 50 – Cernavoda to Harsova

After the traumas of yesterday, today was a much better day.

With just 34 miles to ride today the distance didn’t seem too concerning, however we knew that to there was going to be a significant amount of climbing involved.  The first climb of the day was out of Cernavoda which got the heart pumping but it wasn’t too bad, always good to get the first climb out of the way. What was more difficult was negotiating the drains as we left town which were not at all biker friendly!

The miles rolled on, first climbing and then descending down to the shores of The Danube before climbing out again. Some of the hills were harder than others but the downhill stretches in between made it all worth while.

The final few miles of the ride took us off of the main highway which had been relatively quiet traffic wise and onto a small back road which was a little lumpy in places. During this excursion we climbed the final climb of the day and then rejoined the main highway and descended into Hirsova.