Day 51 – Harsova to Braila

Today was another tough day, 67 miles, headwinds and quite a few hills to climb. All in all I think we have been unlucky with the winds as they should, in theory, be prevailing westerlies but we seem to have had more than our fair share of winds coming straight at us.

Having stayed at a different hotel to the rest last night I cycled the 1km and met them at the local bakery where we grabbed a coffee and an apple strudel for our breakfast.

Then it was down to business and similar to yesterday we climbed out of Harsova for a few miles. We turned off of the main highway and the traffic immediately quietened down and stayed bot too bad for most of the day.

The climbing came and went and there was nothing too taxing although it was getting hot which certainly seemed to sap my strength. We stopped at a shop around halfway and sat outside under the umbrellas for 30 minutes regaining our strength for the final 30 miles or so that we still had left to ride.

Setting off the wind was now very much directly against us and it was hard going, not managing much more than 10mph at any one point.  We climbed the final hill which was a long drag with a ‘sting in the tail’ at the top and then spent the next 10 miles or so riding long straight roads against the wind – it was turning and energy sapping.

About 12 miles from our hotel we stopped at a garage and took onboard 8 refreshments before heading for the ferry crossing at Smardan which would take us across The Danube to Braila and our hotel for the evening.

We eventually arrived at the hotel around 5pm, tired and glad to see another long day behind us. We now have just 3 days and around 150 miles left to ride but tomorrow is going to be another tough day I know.