Day 52 – Braila to Tulcea

Another tough day of climbing today and just over 60 miles in the saddle.

We left Braila around 08:30 and headed out of town northwards to Galati where we would cross The Danube for the final time by ferry. Lou and I arrived just as the ferry was leaving so grabbed a coffee and waited for the others to arrive. The ferry was very busy and conveys all sorts of traffic across The Danube from foot passengers to big trucks. Later this year there is a new bridge which is scheduled to open which no doubt will remove some of the needs for the ferry service.

We didn’t bother taking the Eurovelo route around the town of Galati which cut around 4 miles off of today’s ride so when we landed we had just over 50 miles left to ride to Tulcea.

The roads today were quite good and the traffic appeared to come in batches which I guess coincided with the ferry timetable. We stopped around halfway and sat outside a little shop with drinks and refreshments. By now it was late morning and the temperature was climbing well into the 80’s.

We headed on, the road climbing steeply in places but when we created there followed several stretches of long downhills when we were able to relax and freewheel.

When we came to the town of Isaccea we saw The Danube again and immediately on the other side was Ukraine. It was hard to imagine that this country was currently at war with Russia, it looked so green and peaceful and yet just a few hundred miles further north fierce fighting was taking place and Ukraine people were dying for their right to live in peace.

The last few miles were tough, it was hot, we were tired and the traffic as we rolled into Tulcea was heavy.  Nevertheless, we all made it safely and tonight we ate at a little restaurant on the quayside, just a few hundred metres from our hotel.

We have just 2 days left to ride and tomorrow is a short ride of 34 miles. We are almost at journeys end but we need to stay focused and make sure we all arrive safely together in Constanta where we plan to dip our wheels in The Black Sea and will no doubt celebrate our achievement with a bevy or two!