Day 53 – Tulcea to Jurilovca

A nice short day today of just 34 miles that takes us to within touching distance of Constanta and our end goal. We did have a choice today of a short or longer ride of 63 miles.  Being day 10 of an 11 day stint we all agreed the shorter ride would be better as I guess we were all begining to feel a little tired.

We left Tulcea at 09:00 and immediately climbed out of the town on cobbled roads. To make matters worse a lorry spraying the road with water to clean the cobbles passed us as we struggled with the climb.  A quick downhill and then into several miles of climbing. It wasn’t steep but just a general slog. When we reached the top it was then several miles of downhill which seemed to make the uphill stint all worth while.

We came across the ruins of an old fort and made a slight detour. Whilst the others walked the last bit to reach the castle I sat in the shade with a cold coca cola admiring the view and looking after the bikes.

After setting off from the castle, a couple of miles down the road we were stopped by army personnel who informed us that the road was closed for up to possibly an hour whilst the army used their firing range. As we settled down to wait in the shade we were then informed that they were not quite ready and decided to let us through which was a relief.

We rolled into Jurilovca shortly after 13:00 and found our accomodation for the night, basically similar to an Airbnb. A quick shower and then Lou, Paul and I walked 50 metres up the road and grabbed lunch with a few beers. We returned to the same restaurant this evening.

One day left, and 60 miles to cycle. It has been a great adventure but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was looking forward to reaching Constanta and a well deserved rest.