2018 Ride The East – Portsmouth NH

I woke early this morning but managed to resist getting up until about 06:30 – I guess it’s going to take a couple of days to get onto eastern time zone.  Breakfast was ok but will probably need to supplement it when we set out on our ride on Sunday.

Decided to walk into downtown Portsmouth which was about a 25 minute walk through an affluent neighbourhood.  The weather here is pleasantly hot but the humidity is the killer – according to the local forecast it is 97% but the temperatures are set to cool down over the weekend with prospect of some rain on Sunday.  Sarah and I stayed in Portsmouth following my ride across country in 2016 and when I reached downtown I began to remember the town and the places we had visited.  I took a walk over the bridge into Maine and stopped for 10 minutes in a little park before retracing my steps back into New Hampshire.  A quick stop at Starbucks before wandering back to a nice air conditioned hotel. With the high humidity, the hotel being out of town and only a bike for transport I spent the afternoon relaxing in the hotel just generally chilling out.  Across the road from the hotel is the Roundabout Diner where I went for tonight’s evening meal and in traditional American style it was burger and chips.  I met the first rider tonight, Harry who is from New York and his wife Kim. There must be other riders in the hotel but no doubt we will all meet tomorrow for orientation. Another relatively early night tonight and I think I should then be over the jet lag.